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  • Full Boarding Fees


  • Qualifications

    GCSEs, BTEC, A Levels & Pre-University

  • Language

    English as an additional language.

  • Boarding

    Full Boarding

  • Dietary Requirements

    Halal, vegetarian, vegan and kosher

  • Millfield is the largest co educational boarding school in the UK, situated in 240 acres of grounds. Millfield has 1250 pupils of which 930 are full boarders, boarders are aged 13 upwards. Due to its size Millfield is able to offer a diverse range of academic subjects, sports, creative arts and activities, supported by facilities including: Olympic size swimming pool, equestrian and golf centres, music halls, a theatre, art gallery and product design centre.


    Millfield is situated in a rural setting in South West of England in the county of Somerset. London is 135 miles away. The nearest international airport is Bristol which is 25 miles away.

    A day in the life of….

    After breakfast, the day begins at 8.30am for all pupils with registration and a tutorial session with group tutors. There are five lessons per day and at least three times per week pupils are involved in sport. In addition, the Millfield Activity Programme provides a choice of 80 activities. Boarding pupils do their prep and private study until 8.45pm. There are lessons on Saturday mornings and the majority of pupils will be involved in sports fixtures in the afternoon. The care of each individual pupil is central to the philosophy of pastoral care at Millfield, small tutor groups provide an environment for all pupils to meet others, seek the guidance and support of their tutor and also experience the Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHEE) programme. There are 19 boarding houses and 5 day houses all led by house parents and supported by assistants, matrons and tutors Millfield’s Boarding Programme is a series of evening activities through the week covering physical and cerebral challenges. Pupils enjoy; swimming, dodge ball, gaming, prep club and many other new areas to them. Millfield ensures that there is always a diverse range of events at the weekends for boarders to enjoy.

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