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    UK Education Guide’s Values:

    Honesty and transparency in our dealings with schools, universities and families.

    Independence we do not work for any specific school or university and are not swayed in our preferences for any institution over any other. We try very hard to find the best institution for each young person.

    Passionate about education we want every young person to have a wonderful education wherever they live.



    To provide international families with the very best, most relevant, independent and comparable information about UK Education providers to help them make really well informed decisions.


    Who we are?

    We have years of experience working in the UK education system and this was the starting point for our original site University.Guide

    However, the reasons why we developed the site run much deeper. We have all been involved in helping family members make complex decisions about where best to study in the UK.

    We recognised that a site did not exist that looked at the broad range of factors that family members would need to know to help advise on where best to study. We also recognised that for families overseas the decision about where and when to study in UK is even more complex.

    We appreciate that every family is different and that the decision is not just about cost, but about a lot of things that will be specific to each prospective applicant. This is why the site offers a pathway from aged 11 upwards.

    The information provided is completely impartial, comparable, and taken from approved sources – often government web sites.

    We hope that the site really helps inform the right decisions for each family that visits UKEducationGuide.com


    Additional help
    We are also happy to independently advise families, if possible, about the education decisions that are uniquely right for their families.


    Family feedback…

    Here is what the Mannan family from Saudi Arabia says about our support:

    “I will take this opportunity to thanks to you and your team for the excellent support you extended to secure admission for my son and daughter in UK University & Best boarding school respectively. UK Education Guide has really exceeded my expectations in delivering a great, independent service to my family. Responses to requests for information are always received very promptly and I have always been 100% certain Pat (Director) and her team have my family’s best interests at heart. I am very pleased to recommend the site’s services to any family considering a UK education for their child, the site has lots of useful information for families to refer to and the independence of site ensures that there is never a doubt that suggestions are made to benefit the family, not UK Education Guide.”

    Feedback from Pria and Shashi in Malaysia:

    I would like this opportunity to thank Pat for her guidance and help to ensure my daughter’s entry to the 6th form in UK.
    She was very detailed and prompt in response to all our queries. We have just returned from enrolling our daughter and were pleased that the school was beyond our expectations.
    Thank you.

    Feedback from Sahara in Hong Kong

    Pat, we are very pleased with the services (UK Education Guide) rendered and the results achieved. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you very much.



    What we can and can’t help with?

    We are happy to work with parents in different ways, depending on what support they are looking for.

    1. Progressing school enquiries-there is a Request for Information form on each Boarding school profile page. Simply fill this in and we will then liaise directly with the schools you have selected to make sure you get the information you require-there is no charge for this service.

    2. Bespoke service-we offer a matching service for parents and pupils who want more help in finding the right school for their child.

    This Bespoke service involves:

    1. Working with you to produce a list of schools which meet your family’s needs. We will charge you £100 to draw up a list of schools that meet your needs once we have enough, detailed information from you to do so, as we work incredibly hard to find schools that are suitable for your child, both academically & socially.

    2. Supporting you through to enrolment- if you wish us to help you through to enrolment; liaising with each school selected, advising on a short list of schools, arranging school tests/school applications, conducting fee/scholarship discussions with each school, providing practical support with your Visa application, helping to arrange arrival details in the UK, then we are happy to do this for an additional charge which we will clearly discuss with you, once we have provided a list of suitable schools for you to consider.

    Please be assured, the sum proposed will not cover our costs, but we need to cover some costs in case, for good reason in many cases, you decide to not progress to enrolment stage.
    We do not work like traditional Agents, we see ourselves as family advisers and will not just look at a few schools with whom we have an ‘Agent Contract’ but will look at a wide selection of schools to make the best, most informed, proposals to you. As we know you will appreciate this takes a lot of time to do well and we pride ourselves on the quality of support for all the families we work with.

    For more information about our services, and who will be helping you, please click here


    What do schools pay us?

    If we place a child at a UK Boarding school we are usually paid a fee by the school, but not always, as we do not restrict our approaches to schools on the basis of the commission we might be paid. Payment is, on average, 10% of the first year’s fees. We do not favour one school above any other and try incredibly hard to find the right ‘fit’ for each child. At all times, the family’s needs come first.

    We could charge parents a lot more and not take a fee from the selected school, but we want to provide a transparent service for all the families we deal with and we believe this is the best approach we can offer. We prefer parents to take as much ownership of the process as they can- you know your child better than we will ever do, but we promise to offer independent support to get the best result for each family we work with.

    There are 2 parts of the enrolment process that for legal reasons we cannot broker:

    Visa applications we are happy to provide free introductions to appropriate legal firms (OISC licensed or experienced immigration lawyers) in the UK that can support you through the Visa application process (we do not take a fee from these firms) or we suggest that you get in touch with your local British Council office to ask for advice about local legal support to help with Visa applications.

    Guardianship we are happy to support the use of AEGIS Guardians for pupils under 16 who are coming to study in the UK. However, the relationship between each guardian and family involves a separate agreement that will be specific to each child and therefore this is not something we can broker. Please do visit our page on Guardianship for more information about why we support AEGIS and for more information about when and why your child might need a guardian whilst studying in the UK.


    Please be assured we have no financial relationships with any Legal (Visa application) or Guardianship firms.

    Please do let us know your thoughts and what else you would like the site to cover hello@ukeducationguide.com


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