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  • Full Boarding Fees

    £32,280 plus additional learning support costs.

  • Qualifications

    Vocational qualifications plus GCSE's & A Levels

  • Language

    English as an additional language

  • Boarding

    Full Boarding

  • Dietary Requirements

    Vegetarian, vegan, halal & kosher

  • Key Information:

    Slindon is a boys only College with approximately 80 pupils of which 20 are Boarders. The College takes pupils aged 8-18 with boarding facilities from age 11-18.

    The College’s surroundings provide a calm setting for the team at Slindon to fully understand the individual and offer relevant pathways for each child. Slindon works with each boy on a rounded social and educational development foundation, offering both nationally recognised examinations and social advancement targets.

    Classes are are small & individualised enabling pupils to develop the skills they need to find their own role in life, confident in their abilities and contribution. The school supports a wide range of Specific Learning Difficulties (SLD) including:

    Literacy and numeracy difficulties such as Dyslexia and Dyscalculia
    Speech, Language and Communication Difficulties
    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
    Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

    Slindon College welcomes the linguistic diversity of all children and successfully helps international pupils develop their English language skills.


    The College is situated in 14 acres of National Trust grounds within the South Downs National Park, near the small town of Arundel, West Sussex. It is approximately 40 miles from London Gatwick airport, 54 miles from London Heathrow airport and is on the main line rail link to London.

    A Day in the Life of…

    “…I had never boarded before so it was all quite scary to me. It was also my first time away from home. The Boarding Team look after us very well and I know that if I need anything at all I can ask for it – I may not always get it but they are super kind people who always do their best for us. The teachers are very supportive and helpful and they never mind explaining things over and over again until we have all got it. The weekends are fun as there are always off-site trips arranged for us and in the evenings and after school there is loads to do, too. In the summer term the swimming pool is open pretty much all of the time which is amazing. There really is something for everyone and they do treat you and respect you as your own person. I am really happy here and would recommend it to anyone. Oh, and the food is brilliant … very important!”

    Our school day starts at 8:30 with registration in our vertically tiered Houses. Our vertical House system means that pupils can mix with peers of other ages for a short period in the morning and after lunch. These are also the houses in which competitions and our House Point System stem. The colour of the pupils tie correlates to the House they are placed in: Richmond (Red), Sussex (Blue), Norfolk (White) and Cowdray (Yellow).
    This is followed by 30 mins of focussed Numeracy and Literacy Time. Assemblies are held on Fridays, sometimes in the local church.
    Our lessons are 50 minutes long with 6 lessons in total each day.
    2 lessons are taken before our mid-morning break with another 2 before lunch followed by another House period and the final 2 lessons.
    The final hour of the day on Mondays through to Wednesdays are for Enrichment Activities. These are wide ranging: from Personal Development activities – like mindfulness to subject based activites – such as Greenpower cars and House/Team activities for morale and team building.

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