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    FutureLearn is one of the world’s leading online course providers. Online learning is a great way of accessing a high quality education from top universities around the world regardless of where you are located.

    Why do we particularly feature FutureLearn on the site?

    FutureLearn is based in the UK and works with many of the world’s top ranked Universities and most of the top Universities in the UK. There are other very large, high quality online providers also offering credit bearing courses at other international universities, but FutureLearn is leading the way in terms of offering credit bearing, online courses with UK Universities

    Credit bearing courses
    Currently, FutureLearn offers credit bearing courses via its programs, a set of courses where you can earn an academic or professional credential and its fully online degrees portfolio where you can complete pay-as-you-go programs and build to a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or a Masters degree. You’ll recognise Coventry University in the degrees section and a host of UK Universities in the Programs section such as The Open University, The University of Leeds and The University of Aberdeen.

    MOOC’S – Massive Open Online Courses

    FutureLearn also offers many MOOC’s (free to access Massive Open Online Courses). There are many MOOCs offered that are helpful in terms of exploring subjects prior to study and mentioning completion of these courses on University application forms may be helpful and so we link to FutureLearn for you to explore these additional opportunities. In most cases, FutureLearn’s credentialed courses begin with a MOOC so learners can try before they buy.

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