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  • Key Information

    St Andrew’s College gives students the opportunity to experience a true Cambridge Education surrounded by the world-famous Cambridge University colleges. St Andrews offer a friendly, multicultural environment for students from all over the world, and has been welcoming University Foundation students since 1998.

    St. Andrew’s Foundation course is accredited by NCFE. Students apply for universities via the UCAS system and can choose to apply for five different universities. 87% of St Andrew’s Foundation students progressed to a top 20 UK university and generally the majority of them receive more than 3 offers from Russell Group Universities. Students can join Foundation courses from September (10 months) or January (6 months, accelerated Foundation) with up to a 35% merit-based tuition off scholarship off tuition fees.
    Every student has a personal tutor who will meet them on a weekly basis. There are around six students per class. ST. Andrew’s organises university fairs, takes students to visit universities and helps with all aspects of the UCAS application process. Foundation students receive individual attention from subject tutors and receive half termly assessments.

    St Andrew’s offers a wide range of pathways including Business, Economics, Law, International Relations, Humanities, Science, Engineering, Psychology (both humanities and science), Art & Design, Architecture, Media, Communications & Filmmaking.

    Foundation programme introduction:

    University Foundation Courses

    Foundation programme curriculum:

    Foundation Curriculum Documents

    Degree subjects the Foundation programmes prepares students for?

    Business Foundation:
    Business, Business & Management, Management, Business Studies, International Relations, International Business, Retail Business, Hospitality Management, Public Relations, Business & Economics, Advertising, International Hospitality & Tourism, Fashion Marketing Management.

    Economics Foundation:
    Economics, Finance, International Finance, Accounting & Finance, International Business & Finance, International Business, Finance & Economics, Banking, Finance & Private Equity, Venture Capital & Entrepreneurship, Mathematics and Finance.

    Law Foundation:
    Law, LLB

    International Relations Foundation:
    International Relations, Public Relations, Social Sciences, Hospitality Management, International Relations & Politics, Diplomacy and International Relations, International Relations and Modern Languages, International Politics, European Politics.

    Humanities Foundation:
    Humanities, Applied Humanities, Education, Business Management, Fashion Management, Education and Psychology, Creative Writing and Film Cultures, Arts and Humanities, Humanities and Social Science.

    Science Foundation:
    Biological Sciences, Biochemistry, Medical Science, Pharmacy, Geophysical Sciences, Geology, Education, Biology, Zoology, Audiology, Environmental Science, Oceanography, Marine Biology, Chemical Engineering, Pharmacology.

    Engineering Foundation:
    Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering; Architectural Engineering, Communication Systems, Product Design Management, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science with Management, Petroleum Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering.

    Psychology Foundation:
    Psychology, Educational Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Psychology of Learning and Education, Psychology with Criminology, Neuroscience, Psychology with Counselling, Psychology with Child Development.

    Art & Design Foundation:
    Fine Art, Interior and Spatial Design, Illustration and Visual Media, Fashion Design, City & Regional Planning, Textile Design, Fine Art, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Graphic Design, Graphic Communication Design, Bespoke Tailoring, Animation, Liberal Arts.


    Media, Communications & Filmmaking
    Media and Communication, Television, Practical Filmmaking, Digital Media, Digital Media and Society, Media, Journalism & Publishing, Media Studies, Media and Marketing, Media Production, Performance and Media, Film and Media, Media and Creative Industries.

    Which HE institutions have students gone on to study at?

    Students who have completed the St Andrew’s Foundation course can progress to any universities except Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, Imperial College and UCL. In some rare cases, outstanding Foundation students can progress to UCL, IC and LSE if they take an additional relevant A-level subject, which can be arranged by the college depending on the student’s level and school’s teaching availability.
    In 2020, 87% of the Foundation students progressed to a top 20 UK University.


    St Andrew’s is located In the centre of Cambridge, United Kingdom. The closest international airport is Stansted airport which is 30 miles and about 40 minutes away by car.
    The College has two teaching sites:
    89 Regent Street, CB2 1AW
    9-15 Station Road, CB1 2JB
    There are six residential buildings within 5 to 15 minutes walking distance of the teaching sites.


    Tuition costs:
    Business – Economics – Law – International Relations – Humanities – Psychology (humanities)
    £6540 per term (3 terms per year), £19,620 per year

    Art – Architecture – Media, Communications and Film – Science – Engineering – Psychology (science)
    £6900 per term (3 terms per year), £20,700 per year

    Accommodation costs:
    Twin Room with En-suite £4300 per term, £12,900 per year
    Single Room with Shared Shower – £4100 per term, 12,300 per year
    Single Room with Shower-£4700 per term, £14,100 per year
    Single Room with En-suite £5000 per term, £15,000 per year

    Scholarship requirements:​
    20% off tuition fees – IELTS 6.0-7.0, GPA 8.0-9.0/10.0, Maths and Scholarship tests​
    35% off tuition fees – IELTS 7.0 and above, GPA 9.0-10.0/10.0, Maths and Scholarship tests, plus scholarship interview

    Entry requirements
    Minimum English level 5.0-5.5 for September intake, 5.5-6.0 for January intake. ​
    Good academic results; Internal Maths test minimum 60%.​

    Minimum age- 16.5 for Foundation September intake, and 17 for January intake.

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