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    There are a wide range of universities in the UK offering a huge variety of degree courses. From the famous Oxford and Cambridge universities to Russell Group and other, lesser known ones, there is a course for every aspiration and objective.


    Application Process

    ‘Mock’ or practice A Level and IB exams are held in Year 12 and around Christmas in Year 13. These help to understand what results you are likely to achieve and which universities you may apply for.

    A Level and IB exams are held in May and June of Year 13 with results coming out in August of the same year.

    You will start to apply for University courses in the first term of Year 13 (unless applying for Oxford, Cambridge or Medicine courses where you need to apply in the first 6 weeks of Year 13).

    All applications for undergraduate university courses must go through UCAS (University & Colleges Admissions Service).

    The deadline for applying to UCAS is usually the end of January in Year 13.

    Universities will offer places in May of Year 13 and you need to accept an offer, usually in early June.

    (Your school will support you through the whole application process in detail so you do not need to worry about this.)

    Find out more about University Rankings.


    Gap Years

    Many UK students leaving school take a ‘Gap Year’ between school and university. This is a chance for them to work, save money and then usually travel extensively before they commence their degrees. As a result, most students don’t commence University until the September the year after they finish school.


    Course Duration

    Undergraduate degree courses are usually 3 years (there may be some exceptions if the course includes a work placement year or is a medicine, architecture, veterinary etc degree).

    There are opportunities to then complete a Masters degree or Doctorate.


    Fees & Costs

    Universities charge annual fees to international (and UK) students for their degree courses. These are set individually by each university and may also depend on which undergraduate course you have chosen.

    As a guide you can expect to pay between £10,000 to £26,000 per year for your degree course. An undergraduate medical degree can cost up to £70,000 per year.

    You will also need to factor in the cost of accommodation which can be around £20,000 in total for a 3 year degree. (This can be much higher in London and other large cities). Most students stay in university accommodation for their first year and then move into private rental accommodation with friends or other students.

    On top of this you will need to think about your bills and living expenses.


    Life at UK Universities

    Make new friends, join clubs and societies, participate in sport competitions – enjoy life on campus to the full. Being at a UK university offers every student the chance to participate in activities outside of their academic studies and really get the most out of your time studying, living and enjoying life in the UK.

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