• About Us

    We have years of experience working in the UK education system and this was the starting point for our original site University.Guide

    However, the reasons why we developed the site run much deeper. We have all been involved in helping family members make complex decisions about where best to study in the UK.

    We recognised that a site did not exist that looked at the broad range of factors that family members would need to know to help advise on where best to study. We also recognised that for families overseas the decision about where and when to study in UK is even more complex.

    We appreciate that every family is different and that the decision is not just about cost, but about a lot of things that will be specific to each prospective applicant. This is why the site offers a pathway from aged 11 upwards.

    The information provided is completely impartial, comparable, and taken from approved sources – often government web sites.

    We hope that the site really helps inform the right decisions for each family that visits UKEducationGuide.com

    Additional help
    We are also happy to independently advise families, free of charge, about the education decisions that are uniquely right for their families.
    For more information about this service, please click here

    Please do let us know your thoughts and what else you would like the site to cover hello@ukeducationguide.com

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