• Student Visas

    If you are travelling to the UK to study from outside of the European Union you will need to apply for a Visa


    Short Term Study Visa

    Aged 18+ years
    English Courses (up to 11 months only)
    Other courses (up to 6 months only)

    Tier 4 Child Visa

    Under 18 Years
    Longer study courses
    Requires a CAS (Certificate of Acceptance for Studies)
    Usually completed in 3 weeks but may take longer
    Requires financial and personal information


    Your chosen school will create a CAS for you and once this has been produced (up to 6 months before you travel to the UK) you are able to apply for a Tier 4 Visa.



    This link will allow to access all the relevant government information about applying for a Tier 4 VISA.

    For more student focused information about the Visa application process, please do also visit the UKCISA site. It offers lots of helpful and practical advice about the Visa application process and the information on the site is kept fully up to date at all times.

    For information about a Tier 4 Child Visa, please visit here.

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