• Foundation / Pathway Courses

    Some UK independent schools and universities offer Foundation courses that help students aged 17+ access undergraduate degrees at leading British universities. They are typically offered when a student has not completed GCSE and A Level/IB qualifications.

    There is no specific content that all Foundation courses have to offer, but typically they all include:

    Support for English Language development – the aim is that by the time you start your degree, your IELTS level will be a minimum 6.5 and ideally 7 which is required for international students to study in the UK at university.

    A Subject Pathway – to allow you to transition onto a degree programme after Foundation completion. Popular Subject pathway options include:

    • Business Management
    • Humanities & Social Sciences
    • Engineering
    • Computing & Information Systems
    • Sciences
    • Architecture
    • Art & Design
    • Mathematics


    There are two types of Foundation courses:

    1. Foundation courses specific to one university
    2. Foundation courses allowing access to multiple university selections
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