• Guardians & Homestays

    Boarding School Guardians

    When studying at boarding schools (under 18 years) in the UK it is vital that students have a Guardian. These can be sourced via the formal association of Guardians (AEGIS) or you can find links to our Guardian partner firms here.

    Guardians are in place to support students during Exeats (weekends away from school) and also during the holidays if students remain in the UK. Guardians can help with transport, accommodation, emergencies and more – they are a vital part of the safeguarding and care of students while they study in the UK.


    Day School Homestays

    Students who wish to join UK schools as a day pupil have the opportunity, instead of boarding, to stay with local families near to their chosen school. This means living with the family on a daily basis, having your own room in their house and joining in with family activities. Homestays are a ‘home away from home’.

    Some Guardian agencies arrange Homestay places for students and we partner with Oxbridge to help you find a family to stay with while studying in the UK.

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