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  • Can the recruitment of UK Boarding school pupils ever be 100% online?

    Can the recruitment of pupils for UK Boarding schools ever be 100% online? COVID-19 has heralded a shift to an online world which has implications for every aspect of Boarding school operations. Clearly, the most obvious impact has been on teaching, shifting almost overnight to Microsoft teams and other online learning platforms. However, the impact […]

  • How Boarding schools have adapted their pastoral care during the pandemic?

    How UK Boarding schools have adapted their pastoral care during the pandemic As the mad dash home at Easter materialised after all, schools were left with the ongoing challenge of not only educating but ensuring continued pastoral care for a majority of students that had returned home, as well as maintaining teaching and pastoral support […]

  • New trends to help Boarding schools stand out from the crowd in a Covid-19 world

    New trends to help Boarding schools stand out from the crowd in a Covid-19 world   It’s a very competitive world Boarding schools are facing-the market was competitive pre-Covid-19 but the reality is some schools won’t survive and won’t re-open in September 2020. So how can schools enhance their offer to make sure they do […]

  • Boarding schools moving to online learning – What could the future hold?

    Boarding schools moving to online learning  – What could the future hold? Planning ahead is a challenging task at the best of times and almost impossible to do well right now, but for forward-looking schools some of the learning from moving learning online in the past six weeks may offer future opportunities… What we do […]

  • State and Boarding school collaboration in the UK

    Boarding school and state school collaboration in the UK… The UK Boarding school sector, home to approximately 29,000 international pupils requiring a Tier 4 Visa to study in the UK plus another 15,000 pupils from EEA (European Economic Area)*,  is criticised in some quarters for the perceived lack of ‘sharing’ of resources & expertise with […]

  • Honesty the key component for successful Boarding school placements

    When considering an overseas boarding school education, there are so many factors for parents to consider, to make a successful boarding school placement, writes Pat Moores of UK Education Guide. Meanwhile, schools and agents bombard families with information that may or may not be relevant to them. We asked guardians and schools if they were […]

  • Coronavirus-separated families need greater focus

    Coronavirus: separated families need greater focus “Families are bearing the brunt of this disruption on both a psychological and practical level, and more must be done to meet their needs” As the Coronavirus crisis widens geographically, the immediate focus for the boarding school sector is to provide up to date health advice to help keep […]

  • Can any Boarding School really be all things to all people?

    Can any UK Boarding school really be ‘all things to all people?’ When writing a previous article, one Headmaster commented that the best thing that UK Boarding schools could do to help make it easier for international families and agents to decide which school was ‘right’ for each child was to clearly say why their […]

  • Learning from the US-new ways to evaluate & record skills and competencies

    At a recent presentation at the British Council’s International Education Conference, I was interested to note that none of the attendees  had ever heard of Western Governors University (WGU) or Competency Based Education (CBE). No big deal, of course, there are well over 5,000 US colleges, so not having heard of one is hardly a […]

  • Time for a rethink on English competency levels for international students

    As the year draws to a close, it is a good time to review the news that made the most impact. Funnily enough, it’s not a Brexit story that has stuck in my mind, but the drip, drip of news stories about accusations of cheating, directed against international students in general and Chinese students in […]

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