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  • Is mental health support & healthcare provision the new differentiator in the UK education market?

    In a crowded competitive market looking to attract both domestic and international students, UK Boarding Schools & Universities are always looking for a competitive edge. Pre Covid, pastoral care was an issue that families who came to UK Education Guide for independent support were increasingly asking about, we could already see this issue rising up […]

  • How UK Boarding schools have prepared their international students for the resumption of ‘in-person’ exams?

    After, in some cases, more than 12 months of online, remote study, international students have sat ‘in-person’ public exams this summer. For many, these are the first public exams they will have taken, recognising most students who sat A-level and IB exams this summer will have had their GCSE results confirmed via teacher assessed grades […]

  • Rise of Specialist Arts Universities in the UK

    Globally, according to a 2015 report published by UNESCO and other research partners, cultural and creative industries generate US$2.25 trillion (HK$17.55 trillion) a year – exceeding the revenues of global telecom services – and employ more people globally than the car industries of Europe, Japan and the United States combined (29.5 million jobs versus 25 […]

  • The Future of Blended & Online learning in UK Boarding Schools

    This week, Pat Moores, Director of UK Education Guide, writes about the future of online and blended learning in UK independent schools. Two years ago, in the midst of the first UK lockdown, we first looked at this subject and got some great feedback from schools. The overall feeling was that schools couldn’t wait to get back […]

  • The growth & value of Foundation courses

    Foundation courses have proliferated over the past few years and many international students and their families now see a foundation year as vital preparation, on arrival in the UK, before embarking on a degree program. Even some students already studying in the UK are attracted to the idea of an additional year of acclimatizing to […]

  • All international students need more help to adjust to university

    It is understandably assumed by many in higher education that the international students who are best prepared to flourish at university are those who have already studied in the host country. For example, many international students in the UK previously studied at UK boarding schools, language schools and day schools, sometimes for several years. But […]

  • Key differences between Scottish & English Universities

    Key differences between Scottish & English Universities. While the names of some Scottish universities may be familiar, the opportunities they offer students remain somewhat of a mystery even to those working in international higher education. At the recent international student university fair, Karen Robley and Charlotte Richardson from the universities of Strathclyde and Stirling, respectively, […]

  • Preparing for and getting into a UK Medical school-the ultimate guide

    With around 8,000 applicants for medical places each year but only about 600 places available for international applicants, medical degrees are certainly among the most competitive courses in UK higher education and preparing for and getting into a UK Medical school is challenging even for the most able student. Training to be a doctor is […]

  • How pastoral care has changed during the pandemic? The Guardianship view…

    The additional stresses to both existing and new students due to Covid cannot be overestimated making pastoral care more important than ever. Many existing students have not been able to return home for over 18 months, whilst some new students have been bewildered on arriving in the UK without the benefits of a prior visit […]

  • UK universities look to support incoming boarding school students

    A new survey shows concern among UK international boarding school students about learning at degree level despite already studying in the UK for several years. The study – conducted by the UKI Student & School Forum – of over 80 UKI students at upper levels of UK boarding schools suggested that, despite already studying in the UK, potentially for several years, […]

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