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  • How online education can transform the international student experience

    How online education can transform the international student experience… The facts are pretty clear-online education provision is growing and, not only does it benefit working adults who can fit studying around their work and family commitments, but it also has the power to transform the international student experience. Take high tariff, popular courses in the […]

  • What do international parents really want from UK Boarding schools?

    It is so often assumed that international parents are only focused on 1 thing when it comes to selecting a Boarding school for their child-rankings. So, if a school or college has outstanding A level results, then that school will go to the top of the list of possible schools parents and their children are […]

  • UK Boarding schools-gearing up to meet international students’ cultural needs

    UK Boarding schools – gearing up to meet international students’ cultural needs. Moving half away around the world to study or work at any age is a daunting experience, but for boarding school pupils leaving home for the first time, the experience must often be utterly bewildering. Therefore, schools that go the extra mile to […]

  • How technology is changing the way English is taught

    It is estimated that over 1 billion people are currently learning English worldwide and there have never been so many ways to learn it. We asked industry insiders for their views on the best new advances in technology and delivery to support teachers of EAL and their pupils, both inside and outside the classroom. For teachers, FutureLearn’s […]

  • Supporting international Boarding school students with their Higher education decision making

    It is clearly a huge challenge for UK Boarding schools to help every international student in the way that UK students take for granted. In this article for ST Magazine we look at the different ways schools are helping international students and their parents manage expectations and make informed Higher education decisions: from hosting University […]

  • How to make the value of Guardianship more transparent to international parents

    There is currently no legal requirement for an international pupil to have a formal guardian appointed whilst studying in the UK. The selected school is the Tier 4 Visa sponsor and is therefore ultimately legally responsible for the child’s well being whilst he/she is in the UK. However, no one really argues that Guardianship, when […]

  • Supporting international pupils with autism in the UK

    A prevailing view, but one rarely spoken, is that in some cultures children with SEN (Special Educational Needs) are sent overseas to study to be ‘out of sight and out of mind’. Schools anecdotally, but not on the record, report children arriving at their boarding schools with severe SEN that schools are unprepared to support. […]

  • The Changing face of Foundation courses

    The Foundation course has long been an important bridge for international students wishing to enter the UK higher education system. Traditionally, these foundation courses have been offered by international colleges that are often aligned to one university, indeed many of these international colleges are located on University campuses and there is a seamless link between […]

  • What can a pupil from an overseas school expect from UK University life?

    For UK based students there is now the added financial pressure that previous generations of domestic students did not have contend with, when tuition was free or heavily subsidised. For international students coming from COBIS schools there has always been a clear understanding that the financial investment in their education is significant and having a […]

  • The Challenge of providing high quality pastoral care in Boarding schools

    The UK’s pastoral care of international students is widely regarded overseas as being one of the major strengths of the UK boarding school system and one that schools and guardians work hard to maintain. “UK schools are distinctive in the strength of their commitment to pastoral care – they care about this almost as much […]

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