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  • How pastoral care has changed during the pandemic? The Guardianship view…

    The additional stresses to both existing and new students due to Covid cannot be overestimated making pastoral care more important than ever. Many existing students have not been able to return home for over 18 months, whilst some new students have been bewildered on arriving in the UK without the benefits of a prior visit […]

  • UK universities look to support incoming boarding school students

    A new survey shows concern among UK international boarding school students about learning at degree level despite already studying in the UK for several years. The study – conducted by the UKI Student & School Forum – of over 80 UKI students at upper levels of UK boarding schools suggested that, despite already studying in the UK, potentially for several years, […]

  • Enhancing student screening processes needed in a Covid 19 world

    The never-ending updates on vaccination and testing procedures, and checking the list of red, amber and green countries have been a daily reality we have all got used to, but there are other, longer-term implications of the Covid-19 pandemic that will impact long term on the student recruitment process. At UK Education Guide we pride ourselves on […]

  • Cultural education helps ease the transition to UK Education

    A recent survey from UKI Student and School Forum and featured in The PIE News highlighted that international boarding school students, despite having potentially studied for several years in the UK, still worry about studying at degree level. The transition to the UK education system is not an easy one for any international young person to […]

  • Music & the Creative Arts set the right foundation for student success

    During lockdown and the difficult months we have all experienced, one thing that united people stuck in their own homes was the power of music and the creative arts. We came together in Zoom rooms and on social media platforms with new ways of playing, participating in and listening to music while at the same […]

  • Teen brain development- impact on international students learning in a second language

    This week, Pat Moores, Director of UK Education Guide, writes about teenage brain development and how this can affect international students’ learning. Teen brain development – how it can affect international students learning in a second language There is obviously the stereotype of the moody teenager who doesn’t like to get up in the morning, […]

  • Online learning success-Assessment of international students in a non-exam year.

    The challenge of teacher assessment and no public exams for international pupils – How have schools met the needs of international students studying online as well as in the classroom with regards to A Level/IB outcomes? Clearly, recent A-Level and IB results would suggest that pupils and schools have adapted incredibly well during the pandemic, […]

  • Why guardians play such important roles

    The pandemic has heightened, like never before, the vital role guardians play in supporting families and their children during stressful times. The core roles of the guardian to organize a host family for a child to stay with during short school holidays and weekend closures (except weekends) and to help organize return trips home during […]

  • The changing role of the Education Agent

    “We will be increasing, not decreasing, our webinar and online training for agents post pandemic” Prior to Covid-19 Agents prided themselves on the face to face relationships they built with both families and boarding schools but the pandemic has forced a rethink and required both agents and schools to pivot significant marketing and recruitment activity […]

  • Honesty is the best policy-to find the right Boarding school

    There are hundreds of boarding schools in the United Kingdom and so selecting the right school for your child is not easy. The choice can be overwhelming, so our advice is always “child first, school second.” As we highlighted in our article last week, focusing purely on school ranking is rarely likely to produce the […]

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