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  • What Value do Boarding school rankings provide international families?

    As anyone who works in international student and pupil recruitment knows, Boarding school rankings are revered by many families who believe that they alone provide the ultimate ‘judge’ of whether a school is desirable or not. However, should this perception be challenged more than it is? Major rankings are devised predominantly from public exam results […]

  • Preparing international pupils for the jobs of the future

    The reality is pretty stark, of today’s jobs, 47% will not exist in a decade according to the Future of Work report from Deloitte. So how can UK Boarding schools prepare international pupils for the jobs of the future? It is impossible to predict all the new types of jobs that will emerge in the […]

  • International student safety

    International student safety is an increasingly important issue for international students and their families and the actions of higher education institutions in both the UK & USA in beefing up their secruity backs up this concern Maryland lawmakers have approved a bill that will allow Johns Hopkins University to form its own, private police force […]

  • How different will a UK Boarding school be in 10 years time?

    How different will a UK Boarding school be in 10 years time? With the technological advances in the last 10 years, it is a challenge to predict future changes in another 10 years. However, there is so much scope for existing tech to be developed further, it is a fair guess that many of the […]

  • How technology is changing the lives of international students in UK Boarding schools

    New technologies are having a profound impact on almost all industries and education is no exception. As the examples below show, new tech is impacting on pretty much every aspect of student life in UK Boarding schools and we take a look at some key developments and how they are specifically impacting on international students’ […]

  • Why food really affects international student well-being

    Why food really matters to international student well-being… Most of us happily take it for granted that we will be able to buy the food we like, when we want to. For international students coming to study in the UK, access to the food they like to eat is not a given so schools and […]

  • How to find the best Summer school for international students?

    The proliferation of Summer school providers in the UK is testament to the fact that for many overseas families Summer schools represent an excellent way for their children to experience both the UK’s education system and its culture. However, in this increasingly competitive market selecting the right Summer school is more challenging for overseas parents […]

  • How online education can transform the international student experience

    How online education can transform the international student experience… The facts are pretty clear-online education provision is growing and, not only does it benefit working adults who can fit studying around their work and family commitments, but it also has the power to transform the international student experience. Take high tariff, popular courses in the […]

  • What do international parents really want from UK Boarding schools?

    It is so often assumed that international parents are only focused on 1 thing when it comes to selecting a Boarding school for their child-rankings. So, if a school or college has outstanding A level results, then that school will go to the top of the list of possible schools parents and their children are […]

  • UK Boarding schools-gearing up to meet international students’ cultural needs

    UK Boarding schools – gearing up to meet international students’ cultural needs. Moving half away around the world to study or work at any age is a daunting experience, but for boarding school pupils leaving home for the first time, the experience must often be utterly bewildering. Therefore, schools that go the extra mile to […]

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