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Badminton School is a girl's independent boarding school, providing education to pupils aged 3-18 in Bristol. REQUEST INFORMATION..
KEY INFORMATION: Badminton school offers GCSE & A Level curriculum. They deliver a strong EAL for international students. Full boarding is offered on site in their Westbury-on-Trym grounds, catering to both UK & international students. Read more below ...
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HISTORY: Founded in 1858 by Mrs Miriam Badock, Badminton was set up to offer girls the same educational opportunities that their brothers enjoyed. At this time, Christian socialist ideas were often a vehicle for talking about the importance of education (especially for women). It’s this tradition that gives us our School motto – ‘Pro Omnibus Quisque Pro Deo Omnes’ (‘Each for all and all for God’). They are not a religiously denominational School: they have no chapel, and they welcome girls from all faiths and none. But the musketeer-like flavour of their motto does still say a good deal about the boldness of spirit and strength of support that Badminton engenders.
EXTRA-CURRICULAR: They surround the GCSE curriculum with plenty of opportunities to enhance academic study and to develop other skills and interests. Physical Education, Music, Drama, Dance and Art can all be studied as academic subjects as well as offering girls the chance to hone their talents and to relax and enjoy themselves as their studies intensify. Work in the classroom is enriched in every possible way, from engineering workshops at Clifton’s Suspension Bridge to performing Cinderella in German and analysing primate behaviour at the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust in Jersey.
ENGLISH SUPPORT: Badminton school offers an accessible, personalised Learning Support Service to all of their students at any stage of their school life. There is a professional, dedicated team of specialist teachers who ensure that students receive appropriate and effective support when required, whether it be for specific learning differences, such as dyslexia or English as an Additional Language (EAL) interventions for overseas students. Badminton offers a holistic educational experience - academic excellence is achieved through teaching and learning in ways that are challenging and fun. Beyond the great resources, the passion of the staff, coupled with their knowledge of each individual, allow girls to thrive academically and socially. The emphasis is on development of skills to support independent learning and encouragement to follow a personalised programme. Sports and creative skills are integral to the curriculum, giving girls a broad outlook and skill set.
POST-16 QUALIFICATIONS: Teaching works on a university-style tutorial and seminar model. There are groups of up to seven in some subjects, but class sizes of three or four are more usual. Their teachers have come here because they enjoy this interactive, discussion-based method of working. It’s a hugely rewarding way to teach and to learn
PRE-16 QUALIFICATIONS: The School consistently achieves impressive academic results at GCSE's Badminton encourages the girls to become curious, confident and enthusiastic lifelong learners.
ACCOMMODATION: Boarders enjoy the independence of living away from home alongside the comfort that comes from being with a community of friends. Boarding life means there is time for many more activities than in a day school and weekends are packed full of things to do for both Boarders and Day Girls.
PASTORAL: There are clear formal welfare structures at Badminton: Form Tutors see every girl individually, and Pastoral Heads join Subject Staff and either the Head of Lower School or the Head of Middle School to offer guidance and advice. We have an on-site Health Centre which includes the opportunity to chat to professional counsellors, and we also run an active Peer Mentoring Programme.
SEN: They have a dedicated department for those with Special Educational Needs and they offer flexible support so that every girl at Badminton benefits from a bespoke education. For those who come to them with English as their second language, they offer additional support in English language teaching so that girls can integrate quickly and make the most of all the opportunities here.
Whilst at Badminton, I’ve met people that I never want to lose touch with. They’re my family, because I grew up here, with them. I’ve learned everything I know here and it’s been a fantastic journey. You might think that boarding school is a sheltered life, but not at Badminton. I’ve learnt how to talk to people, how to be with people, how to be responsible, how to get on with things and get things done but also when to seek help. Badminton’s given me that healthy balance between needing help and support (because all of us do), but at the same time being independent and confident enough to be myself and go in the direction I want to go in. What first struck me about Badminton was the beauty of the campus and the warmth of the staff and students. I cannot overstate how welcomed I felt upon my first visit. With the rose bushes and majestic Northcote building, I remember the atmosphere being calm and intimate, despite Badminton’s central location in Bristol. I got the sense that the mindset of Badminton students is to embrace opportunity without being inhibited by the fear of failure. There are so many chances to put yourself out of your comfort zone and for me, this meant signing up to Gold D of E, despite having no prior D of E experience. The memories of my days in Dartmoor and the Brecon Beacons and the challenging expedition conditions will stay with me forever, along with the friendships we strengthened and life skills we learned. My time at Badminton has given me the strength to be myself, the curiosity to continue learning throughout my life, the confidence to pursue my ambitions, and the motivation to give back and support others. At Badminton, I am constantly inspired by my peers and teachers and love being a member of a community that cares about the individuality of each student and draws upon our unique strengths and experiences. As a diverse body of students, our voice is valued and I feel I have learned to express my views, take a proactive role in improving the community, and aspire to make a difference. Badminton has given me the courage to step out of my comfort zone, embrace new challenges, risks, and opportunities, and adopt a more global mindset. -
LIFE AT Badminton School We have been helping overseas students gain entrance to Badminton School for a number of years now, progressing to high profile careers in the UK. Find out more about this school below.
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