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Box Hill School is a co-educational independent boarding school, part of the Round Square group, providing education to pupils aged 11-18 in Surrey. REQUEST INFORMATION..
KEY INFORMATION: Box Hill School offers GCSE, A Level & IB curriculum. They deliver a strong IELTS & EAL for international students. Full boarding is offered on site in their Dorking grounds, catering to both UK & international students. Read more below ...
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HISTORY: Box Hill School was founded in 1959 by Roy McComish, and is a founder member of Round Square, a world-wide association of schools which believe in preparing young people for life by facing it directly within a supportive but challenging school environment. Since its foundation, Box Hill School has only had four Headmasters, including our current Head, Mr Lowde – all of whom have put their own mark on our tight-knit and welcoming community. In the early days of the school, a number of the (now replaced) buildings were built by our students – an early example of our ‘have a go’ ethos. Their main school building, Dalewood House, was built in 1883. Designed by Victorian architect John Norton, its first owner was David Evans, chairman of Evans and Co and one of the 19th century’s pre-eminent silk printers. The house is both mock Tudor and Gothic in style, and fine wood panelling, fireplaces, hand painted tiles and themed stained glass windows are a feature throughout. The house was in private ownership until 1939 when it was requisitioned during the war.
ENGLISH SUPPORT: The ISC acts as a bridge between the child’s home education system and British independent education, providing a safe environment in which international students can adapt to boarding school life and adjust to the demands of education in England. Students are offered access to a full curriculum at the level most appropriate to their linguistic ability. Students study either on an English programme or an IGCSE programme, in small groups, as they prepare for entry into the mainstream classes. ISC students are fully integrated in the life of the school, living in boarding houses with children from the UK and overseas, taking part in all aspects of school life. EAL is included in all programmes for no extra fees. International Study Centre classes are focused on EAL students and in class support is available, where necessary in Yrs 7&8. Separate English for EAL is provided in Yrs 9-11, plus IELTS for A Level students and English B for IB students in Sixth Form
POST-16 QUALIFICATIONS: A Levels offer early specialisation for students who have a firm understanding of what subjects they wish to study at university, or which career path they would like to follow. The programme is specially tailored to the needs of students who may favour certain combinations of subjects, such as maths and sciences, or creative arts. All students will take three A Levels in a two-year linear programme and will be assessed in their final exams at the end of Year 13.
PRE-16 QUALIFICATIONS: In Years 10 and 11, the curriculum provides a diverse range of subjects, wide enough to satisfy both universities and future employers. Most students study nine (I)GCSEs. The compulsory core curriculum comprises: English Language (in English and Mathematics, students are set according to ability). English Literature Mathematics One Science (minimum) In addition to the compulsory subjects, students can choose six subjects from an options list and they are encouraged to take a modern foreign language, a humanities subject and a creative arts option to achieve a balanced curriculum.
ACCOMMODATION: Their full boarding students stay at the school full time during term time in a home-from home environment. They are under the supervision and care of our dedicated House Parents with around the clock access to our amazing facilities and co-curricular opportunities, boarders trips and plenty of time for studying. During school holidays students have the choice of returning home to their families, staying with Guardians or staying at school to join our residential holiday programmes.
PASTORAL: Central to every aspect of how the school operates, it underpins the focus on encouraging all our students to be the best they can be, to become effective learners and valued members of our community. When a pupil starts at their school, they are assigned a Tutor and for boarders a Houseparent and a Tutor. A personal tutor is a member of teaching staff who supports their academic and pastoral development. There is a mix of ages within each tutor group which helps to promote friendship, support and responsibility. All residential Houseparents are supported by Assistant Houseparents and are there for pupils during their time at the school to help them settle, provide guidance/support and to listen. Changing schools can be both exciting and daunting in equal measure. The prospect of meeting new people, facing new challenges and being presented with new opportunities is exhilarating, but there are bound to be some nerves, apprehensions and uncertainty. At Box Hill School they understand the difficulties that such a transition can present to young adults and our experienced Pastoral team will always be on hand to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. At Box Hill School they understand the importance of supporting the mental health and wellbeing of all their students. They work very closely to provide them with the knowledge and skills to help them maintain a positive mind-set. They have also developed a series of wellbeing talks for all our parents.
The school day starts at 7.00am, when boarders are woken by their House Parents to get ready for a 7.20am breakfast in our Dining Hall. All students are expected to attend registration with their tutors at 8.15am and again after lunch. Lessons are from 8.25am until 4.30pm and we have an exciting and extensive range of afternoon activities on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays. Anything from team Sports, Horse Riding, Mountain Biking, and Yoga to Rock Climbing or Jewellery Making activity could be chosen. At the end of the school day boarders return to the Boarding House to relax, before Prep starts at 5.15/5.30pm. Academic teachers are always on duty during Prep and are willing to help with work, we advise students to use this to their advantage. Once Prep has finished at 7/7.15pm the junior and senior boarders attend a staggered supper and throughout the weekday evenings we have activities such as Multi Gym, Basketball and Dancing on offer. All students must be checked into their House by 9/9.30pm ready for final lights out by 10/10.30pm. Over the weekends, Friday nights are for leisure and senior students are allowed to check out to the local towns until 8pm. All students take part in Prep from 10am -12.15pm before being allowed to check out at 12.30pm. Juniors are allowed to check out to local towns and seniors may go to London, in pairs or groups. On Sundays there are usually opportunities to go on some brilliant trips, to somewhere like; London, Thorpe Park, Go Ape, Harry Potter Studios and Walking over the o2 dome. Sunday is a day to relax after the busy school week. -
LIFE AT Box Hill School We have been helping overseas students gain entrance to Box Hill School for a number of years now, progressing to high profile careers in the UK. Find out more about this school below.
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