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  • Full Boarding Fees

    £33,795 (Homestay)

  • Qualifications

    GCSEs/iGCSE's/A-Levels/Academic Foundation options

  • Language

    A broad range of EAL courses are available

  • Boarding

    Full Boarding

  • Dietary Requirements

    All dietary requirements are catered for

  • Key Information

    Kings was founded in Bournemouth 60 years ago by Frederick King. Mr King’s vision was to promote better global understanding through education. These values and ethos continue at Kings today. Kings is a modern, small independent college for ambitious students looking for a mature yet supportive learning environment and community in which they can express their own identity, explore their interests and achieve their ambitions.
    Kings provides a range of English language and Summer programmes alongside; GCSE, iGCSE & A-level options. Both Extended level and Advanced Level Foundation courses are available with additional Foundation courses in International Business.

    Kings sees it’s role is to deliver relevant opportunities to prepare students to thrive on a global scale. The college has 220 students in total and takes pupils from age 14 upwards. Over 35 countries are represented in the student body and 200 of the 220 pupils are boarders. The college provides on-campus boarding in single en-suite rooms, with further off-campus and host family options also available.
    Kings has a maximum of 10 students on GCSE and A-level programmes, 12 on other academic programmes and 14 on English language courses.
    A broad range of EAL courses are available including; IELTS preparation, Cambridge Examinations, General, Intensive and English plus Business and Finance or Sports Science and Summer programmes Extended academic courses provide a transition from study overseas in to UK education, developing students’ language and study skills in preparation for further academic study.

    Kings Bournemouth does offer boarding facilities (food & room) at the school, rather than homestay, for an additional £6,112 per year.

    Kings Bournemouth is located in a residential area of the city, adjacent to a large park and within easy walking distance to the city centre and the beach. Bournemouth is located on the South Coast of England. Bournemouth has its own international airport and is less than 2 hours drive from central London.

    A Day in the Life of…
    We recently talked to A-level student at Kings Bournemouth Artur Begyan, who shared his experience on the course so far, and his plans for future study.

    Hi Artur. Where are you from and how does your hometown compare to Bournemouth?
    I come from Sochi, Russia. Sochi is in the south of Russia on the Black Sea. The Winter Olympic Games were held there in 2014 and I was a volunteer there. That is what made my city famous so now I can say Sochi, Olympic games and they all know where I come from.
    The weather in Sochi is quite hot. When people think of Russia, they think it is really cold and windy so I need to say actually Sochi gets really hot. This is why it was easy for me to adapt to Bournemouth. Bournemouth is like a British copy of Sochi. Bournemouth is a bit smaller and a little less congested. Bournemouth is quite a peaceful town and I enjoyed my experience here and I would recommend to future students to come and live and study here.

    What made you decide to come to study in the UK?
    When I was 12 years old, I wanted to follow a road, which nobody else in my family had taken. I wanted to be exceptional. My dream was to get to one of the top universities in the UK. That is also when I decided to learn English and hopefully come here and get ready for university.
    Initially I wanted to study Economics. I was just curious about this subject, I wanted to know why things happen, how the economy functions, not only the global economy but also the micro-economy, the markets.
    I am also very curious about subjects like computer science and physics. In the future I am planning to combine these subjects to create something new.

    How did you choose Kings?
    My mum visited an agent and together they decided I should come to Kings. I approved because I looked at the website and watched some videos and I was satisfied.

    What is the best aspect of studying at Kings?
    I am not a typical student here. I am doing two years in one so my timetable combines subjects teaching for AS and A2. I don’t think it would have been possible in another college to manage this merged curriculum. But my tutor Nicola and I spent a lot of time trying to fit everything in and it worked out quite well. This flexibility is what I really like about this college. Also the small class size is quite important because teachers can focus on individual students and can make individual plans for each student rather than give the same task to all students.

    What are your plans for university?
    I want to study Economics at Warwick University. I might focus on financial markets in the future and become an investor. But also I want to study computer science in parallel, independently. I am thinking of creating some algorithms to analyse financial markets and make logical decisions.

    Did Kings help you choose your university?
    It was me. I like to make independent decisions. I might get advice but the final decision always comes from me. I got some help from Nicola and Bernie, my Economics tutor, but the final decision was mine.

    Where did you live while studying at Kings?
    I lived with a host family for a long time but I like to be independent. Now I live in the Charminster residence and I like it, the environment there suits me much better.

    What extracurricular activities have you taken up?
    In Russia I did Karate for seven years, I was quite good at it and I won quite a few European and Russian national competitions. I also played chess for five years and I was almost as successful in that as I was in Karate. I still do karate to keep fit and I still study chess as I believe it is helps to develop logical and critical thinking. I play football every Friday and if I have time I do some programming. The future will be highly dependent on technology and I want to make sure I am aware of the latest software programming.

    What would you say to students who are thinking of coming to Kings?
    My advice would be they should study in advance the subjects they are planning to study here. It is going to be much easier for them to adapt and to start getting higher grades than their peers because they have some background knowledge. Of course it is important to study English too because some students just come here, even if they are quite intelligent, they don’t understand what they are taught and that leads to confusion and misinterpretation.
    A-level Results:
    Artur completed his A-levels with Kings, achieving A* Maths, A* Further Maths, A Economics and A in Computing and secured his dream university, the University of Warwick.

    Overseas campuses
    Kings Education also has USA study locations; in Boston, New York, Los Angeles (2 locations) & New Jersey. Kings also offers pathway courses at the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley that lead to degree courses at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

    This link provides more information

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