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  • Qualifications

    IGCSEs & GCSEs (plus A Levels at Mill Hill school & Cobham Hall)

  • Language

    English as an Additional Language

  • Boarding

    Full Boarding

  • Dietary Requirements

    Vegetarian, Vegan, Halal, Nut-Free school & Kosher.

  • Key Information

    Mill Hill International is part of The Mill Hill School Foundation, which also incorporates Mill Hill School and Cobham Hall. It offers day and boarding for pupils aged between 13 and 17. In the current academic year there are approximately 100 pupils with an additional 900 at Mill Hill School which are located in the same campus in northwest London. There are approximately 195 Boarders split between four boarding houses. Pupils who do not have English as their first language receive extensive support to develop these skills. With small class sizes, all subject teachers and tutors to provide bespoke assistance to our pupils so they can flourish and reach their potential.
    The school is able to provide support for pupils with a range of SEN requirements and is happy to discuss these in more detail on a case by case basis in with its SEN Coordinator.

    Mill Hill International offers a Year 9 course, a Two-Year GCSE course and a One-Year GCSE course. The school also offers a Fast Track Course, which is a preparation course focused mainly on English, helping pupils with the right academic credentials to then succeed on GCSE or A Level courses. (Please note that A Levels are offered at Mill Hill School where a high proportion of our pupils transfer to following their GCSEs).

    All teaching staff at Mill Hill International are either trained in EAL specifically or are given additional training in this. Given that the majority of pupils are international, whilst a good number have a high level or native competency, all staff are very familiar in providing additional English language support.


    Mill Hill International, is located within a newly refurbished campus in Mill Hill and is just a short walk from the main Mill Hill School building. The school is less than 45 minutes away from the centre of London. Mill Hill International is less than an hour away from Heathrow Airport, and has a local tube and rail line.

    A Day in the Life of…

    Mill Hill International (sometimes known as MHI) pupils from all over the world come together in an inspiring school to gain internationally recognised qualifications and a transformational educational and cultural experience.

    Whilst focusing on academic development, we make sure that each pupil can exploit their talents so that their stay is both enriching and rewarding. Pupils come to Mill Hill International from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, but they all share our commitment to study, a strong sense of purpose, and high expectations, creating a dynamic learning environment where every pupil can achieve.

    One of our current pupils, Alireza, says “I did not really used to be a social person but when I got to the UK, and specifically to MMHI, I really started to enjoy being with other people and go out with my friends. Boarding was extremely helpful with this as well”. Another, Tasya, says that her favourite thing about the school is “that I can talk to any teacher about anything and I don’t feel judged”.

    Henan, another of our current pupils used these three words to describe the school “Diverse, impressive, friendly”.

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