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Mill Hill school is a co-educational independent boarding school, part of The Mill Hill School Foundation, providing education to pupils aged 13-17 in North London. REQUEST INFORMATION..
KEY INFORMATION: Mill Hill school offers GCSE & A Level curriculum. They deliver a strong EAL for international students. Full boarding is offered on site in their Mill Hill grounds, catering to both UK & international students. Read more below …
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HISTORY: Mill Hill School was founded in 1807, when its founders wisely chose its location on the top of a hillside for its fresh air, safety and natural beauty. Mill Hill’s family of schools offer co-education from ages 3-18. Mill Hill School has an established reputation for sporting excellence and continues to be one of the country’s leading sporting schools. Every pupil at Mill Hill has the opportunity to represent their school, to experience the exhilaration of a hard-fought victory and the heartbreak of a narrow loss. Through sport at Mill Hill pupils build character and qualities that will serve them well in future life. Whether it is perseverance, resilience or showing humility when the match is won, pupils of all abilities are given the opportunity to achieve something worthwhile in sport. Sport at Mill Hill is both transformative and inspirational. It offers day and boarding for pupils aged between 13 and 17. Whilst focusing on academic development, they make sure that each pupil can exploit their talents so that their stay is both enriching and rewarding. Pupils come to Mill Hill International from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, but they all share our commitment to study, a strong sense of purpose, and high expectations, creating a dynamic learning environment where every pupil can achieve.
EXTRA-CURRICULAR: The Co-Curricular programme is a truly integral part of Mill Hill School life. At its core are key personal characteristics which have been identified by a combination of the top 150 world employers and the leading European universities. The characteristics of leadership, team work, curiosity, resilience, confidence, creativity and powers of independent thinking now provide the backbone of our co-curricular offer. The structure of the curriculum allows our pupils (in combination with their tutors) to reflect on their level and range of commitment outside of the classroom, and the key attributes that they are gaining as a result. With over 400 clubs and activities offered in the last academic year, we are confident that all pupils will be able to thrive and excel outside the classroom, whilst gaining the much converted soft skills that employers and universities hold in such high regard.
ENGLISH SUPPORT: For pupils whose first language is not English, additional support is provided, as appropriate, by the EAL department. This provides class or individual tuition, as appropriate, in the four core areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening in order to allow non-native speakers of English fully to access the curriculum, to prepare them for appropriate EAL examinations, to exploit their academic abilities and to enjoy all of the social and cultural aspects of life at the School. In some individual cases, pupils who require EAL support follow a modified curriculum in order to accommodate this. For some pupils extra, individual, EAL tuition in addition to class lessons is needed. This is arranged through the EAL Department, in consultation with parents and guardians.
SIZE: In the current academic year there are approximately 100 pupils with an additional 900 at Mill Hill School which are located in the same campus in northwest London. There are approximately 195 Boarders split between four boarding houses. Pupils who do not have English as their first language receive extensive support to develop these skills. With small class sizes, all subject teachers and tutors to provide bespoke assistance to our pupils so they can flourish and reach their potential.
POST-16 QUALIFICATIONS: The Sixth Form curriculum offers a comprehensive package that provides opportunities for academic extension through a variety of courses, as well as time for broader engagement and individual development.
PRE-16 QUALIFICATIONS: The academic curriculum at Mill Hill is divided into three stages: The Fourth Form; the Remove and Fifth Form; and the Sixth Form (Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth). Offering GCSE's.
ACCOMMODATION: There are five boarding houses at Mill Hill. These are occupied by our 195 full and weekly boarders from both Mill Hill School and Mill Hill International. Mill Hill provides the perfect setting for its boarders. Our spacious 150-acre campus is beautiful and bursting with nature. We are also just 30 minutes away from central London. This allows our pupils to live in a relaxed countryside environment and explore London at the same time. Friendliness and warmth are at the heart of our boarding community. This ensures that our pupils have a sense of ‘home-away-from home’ whilst living and learning at Mill Hill. Our Boarder’s views and opinions are very important to the staff so we regularly ask for their thoughts on various issues. We also prioritise giving our pupils unique and enriching experiences. The School’s close proximity to London allows us to organise a variety of fun and exciting trips. This is complemented by a range of weekly on-campus activities and special occasions for pupils.
PASTORAL: The Mill Hill School Foundation and its staff are committed to safeguarding the welfare and safety of children. There are seven Day Houses and four Boarding Houses in the school and the Housemasters/mistresses, together with their teams of Tutors, aim to provide an environment that is both caring and supportive. The welfare of each pupil is supported throughout their school career by a Housemaster or Housemistress and tutor team who get to know them well and liaise closely with their families. Their Foundation Chaplain offers support to pupils and staff of all faiths and no faith and our weekly Chapel services provide an opportunity to gather as a community to reflect on what it means to live well together. They host regular lectures by external experts, for the young people and their parents alike, on a variety of topics affecting teenage life. Professional medical and counselling services are also on hand. In addition to the House system, pupils’ involvement is encouraged through the various School Councils. These Councils promote engagement across all year groups and meet regularly to discuss a wide variety of issues including catering, anti-bullying and mentoring and environmental issues.
SEN: The school is able to provide support for pupils with a range of SEN requirements and is happy to discuss these in more detail on a case by case basis in with its SEN Coordinator.
Amelia: “I consider myself fortunate to have been part of The Mill Hill School Foundation for 10 years. The competitiveness and camaraderie of 1st team Hockey, the challenges and friendships made on CCF camps, the fun of inter-house Drama competitions, and the opportunity of coaching tag rugby in Zambia and Zimbabwe all had an impact on making me the person I am today. It was an honour to have been Senior Monitor in my final year and I am leaving Mill Hill with many special memories that I will truly cherish. I have only one piece of advice; get involved from day one, because before you know it, you will be embarking on the next chapter of your lives.” Yasmin: “The high quality of teaching and positive atmosphere at Mill Hill School allowed me to become a more confident and well-rounded person. Highlights from my time at Mill Hill include taking part in the production of Bugsy Malone and giving a presentation on Genetic Engineering during Science Week. As a Prefect and Head of Wind Band in my final year, I enjoyed taking on responsibilities within the school. I was also a member of the Medical Society, which allowed me to further explore my interests in the field and provided me with support on my medical application. I intend to stay involved with The Foundation for years to come.” -
LIFE AT Mill Hill School We have been helping overseas students gain entrance to Mill Hill School for a number of years now, progressing to high profile careers in the UK. Find out more about this school below.
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