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    Foundation/Pathway courses

    We feature Schools, Colleges and Universities that offer foundation programmes that lead to degree and post graduate courses at UK Universities.

    These foundation courses help smooth the transition to University life in the UK. They often include courses in; English, Cultural issues and Foundation courses in specific subject areas.

    We have split the providers into 2 categories:


    Courses offered by Schools/Colleges featured in the Boarding school section of the site

    Post completion of a foundation programme at these institutions the option is then to apply to multiple Universities to secure a place on an undergraduate degree programme. The schools/colleges below all offer active support and advice to help students secure a place at the most suitable University for each individual. Studying a foundation programme within a school/college environment before applying to University can better suit students who are new to the UK and might prefer a smaller, school environment as their first experience of UK life, culture and education before moving on to the University of their choice.

    Courses offered by providers who run Colleges for international students in partnership with specific universities

    Usually situated on the University campus, there is a clear progression from the courses offered by these providers to Year 1 or Year 2 undergraduate degree courses or master programmes at these specific Universities. Often the CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) produced will cover not only the foundation, but degree study period too, allowing for 1 Visa application to cover the entire UK study period. Studying at one of these Colleges can better suit students who are confident they wish to complete their entire degree course at 1 institution. Also, these Colleges cater for post graduate as well as undergraduate students.

    Courses offered by Schools/Colleges featured in the Boarding school section of the site

    Bosworth Independent College Logo

    Bosworth College:

    Bosworth College’s University Foundation Programme (UFP) is a one-year course designed for international students, intended to prepare them for the demands of undergraduate study. This is an ideal course for students who are slightly older and prefer a one-year option rather than a two-year A-level course. However, prior to application, students should know which career route they wish to follow at university. The course has a substantial academic content equivalent to A-level and students are required to sit a significant number of formal assessments, increasingly demanding. English language tuition is provided alongside academic studies.

    Leading UK universities are keen to recruit Bosworth foundation students with high scores in their academic and IELTS exams across a wide range of competitive degree courses, thus making Bosworth’s UFP an ideal solution for hard-working and focused international students who want to progress within one-year. We offer a unique environment where our dedicated staff aim to nurture but challenge learners to achieve their goals. Bosworth students have progressed to a wide range of universities around the UK, including: University of Manchester, University of York, University of Southampton, University of Bristol, Newcastle University and Royal Holloway, University of London.


    Brooke House:

    Brooke house’s University Foundation Programme (UFP) is aimed at students who wish to; top up their 12 years of high school education with a bridging year, transfer mid A level programme (or the local equivalent), enhance their A level knowledge and theory prior to beginning their under graduate programme at a university. It may also be suitable for those students who can be fast tracked to do a one year foundation as opposed to a two year A level programme. The University Foundation Programme is usually studied over one academic year (a 2 year programme is available) with intakes in September and January. A wide subject choice gives students the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in specific subject areas; e.g. Business, Law, Finance, Economics, Medicine, Architecture, Sport, Sciences for Nursing, Art and Design, Maths and Physics and Computing. Within the programme there are a number of mandatory subjects, Core Maths and English.  All international students wishing to apply for a UK university place take IELTS in preparation.

    The Foundation Programme has recognised progression pathways to a large number of universities and this qualification will allow students gain access to appropriate degree level programmes. All students have academic and career guidance, together with support in their (UCAS) university application.



    Kings, with Colleges in Brighton, Oxford, Bournemouth and London, provides a range of Foundation programmes which are designed to help international students transition between studies in their own countries and progression to UK universities. Typcially, Kings students are aged between 17-19.

    Kings’ Advanced Level Foundation (ALF) programme is similar in structure and content to A-levels. There are also specialist foundation programmes in; Law, International Business and Art and Design. Students progress to a wide range of universities, including the majority of the current UK top 10, however a new partnership with the University of Bristol offers a specific path to this high ranking institution.

    Kings’ Art and Design Foundation programmes support both UK domestic and international students with an exploration of creative arts fields and the development of a portfolio for progression to leading Arts schools. Kingston University and University of the West of England, Bristol are partnering with Kings to provide students with a dedicated pathway and Conditional Offer in this field of study.

    Kings has ALF start dates in September and January. Extended programmes for students who require academic, artistic and/or linguistic support in preparation for their chosen foundation programme have start dates in April and June as well as September and January.

    Students can also apply direct from Kings to many well-regarded universities for medicine, including:

    • University of Buckingham*, Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland*, St George’s University Medical School*, Keele University, University of Central Lancashire*, Aston University

    *Direct application outside UCAS.


    Courses offered by providers who run Colleges for international students in partnership with specific universities

    IFG (International Foundation Group) with Colleges in London and Abu Dhabi offers University Foundation Programmes in five fields: business, social sciences, computer science, medicine and engineering. They are all designed to give a sound academic background and the necessary tools to succeed at the undergraduate level. IFG offers an attractive alternative to the A level route to university with a shorter study period and a more practical approach, helping students understand skills such as; correct referencing, creating and delivering effective presentations, working in a team, debating and constructing essays.

    There is a strong focus on evaluation and application of knowledge, and on how to analyze and develop balanced arguments. These skills take time to develop and many students who go directly from school to university are placed at a disadvantage.

    The University Foundation Programmes have excellent progression routes to high ranked universities like Birmingham, Swansea, Essex, Reading, Brunel and many more. IFG’s Academic Team will individually advise on choosing the right course and university, as well as one to one assistance in all stages of the application process.

    A pathway to Buckingham Medical School is also available for students interested in a career in Medicine.

    IFG Foundation Courses start dates are in September and January. Due to Covid 19 outbreak,  IFG has implemented a 3 months online + 6 months on campus blended Foundation Programme.

    Request more information from IFG


    Bristol International College (BIC)

    Bristol International College (BIC) is approved to teach the University of London International Foundation Programme (IFP) to a selected cohort of international students who wish to access the top UK and international universities: The College offers a One-year pre-university study programme, Minimum age 16, English Language minimum requirement IELTS 6.0 or equivalent.

    Four Courses are chosen from seven options: Maths/ Maths and Statistics/ Economics/ Accountancy and Finance/ Law/ International Relations/ Business and Management leading to a Level 3 Qualification (A Level/IB Equivalent)

    Eight-weeks professional internship is included in the programme.

    Navitas is a global education company that delivers an extensive range of educational services to over 80,000 students annually through more than 120 institutions in 31 countries. In the UK Navitas partners with 9 Universities to offer a range of courses aimed at international students looking to transition to UK University courses.

    The 9 Universities are; Birmingham City, University of Hertfordshire, Anglia Ruskin University, University of Northampton, Robert Gordon University, Swansea University, University of Portsmouth, Brunel University & Plymouth University.

    The academic offer varies by University, but most Universities offer; a range of Intensive English Language programmes (6-13 weeks in duration), Undergraduate Foundation programmes leading to Year 1 degree entry at each University, Undergraduate Year 1 programmes leading to year 2 undergraduate degree entry and Pre-masters programmes leading to taught masters courses.



    Offers a range of foundation level courses leading to degree programmes, plus International Year 1 courses leading to entry into 2nd year of degree courses, and international diplomas that can also lead directly into 2nd year of degree courses. Postgraduate course options are also available. INTO offers these courses, although the offer varies by institution, at the following Universities featured on the site:

    Newcastle, Queen’s Belfast East Anglia, Exeter & Manchester



    Offers a range of foundation and International Year One programmes, leading to degree and post graduate programmes at the following Universities featured on the site;

    Keele, Plymouth, Royal Holloway, Leicester, Sheffield, Surrey & Sussex.



    Offers a range of courses including; International Foundation Year (IFY) , International Year 1 (IYONE), leading to entry into 2nd year of degree courses and Masters programme- Pre-Masters Programme (PMP).  NCUK offers these courses, although the offer varies by institution, at the following Universities featured on the site:

    Queen Mary, BirminghamBristolKent & Leeds



    Offers foundation and International Year One programmes, leading to degree and post graduate programmes at the following Universities featured on the site;

    Glasgow, Liverpool & York

    Kaplan also runs an international college in Nottingham that offers a Foundation Certificate in Petroleum Engineering, successful completion allows students to enter the second year of 3 engineering undergraduate programmes at the University of Aberdeen.


    Please note: Kaplan, NCUK & StudyGroup recruit directly for their programmes. We therefore cannot offer independent guidance and support through the application process and so, please do visit their web sites for more information.





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