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  • Key information

    Taunton School offers a unique, UK based, two-year pathway to studying at some of the world’s leading English-speaking universities.

    Taunton’s new Pre-Foundation Year for 16 and 17-year-olds followed by the successful completion of the NCUK’s International Foundation Year means a guaranteed place on a degree course at one of more than 40 universities around the world.
    If your child needs to boost their confidence in using English for academic study and also needs extra support while adjusting to life away from home, this could be an excellent choice.
    Taunton’s two-year foundation programme bridges what can be a tricky gap between qualifications acquired at home and starting a degree at an English-speaking university.

    What does the 2 year course cover?

    Both courses are designed for students who want to pursue a career in finance, business or management.

    -The Taunton School PFY (Year 1) combines an in-depth English programme with courses in maths, business and economics. It is tailor-made so that students are able to make a flying start the following year when they join the NCUK’s International Foundation Year in Business.

    -Successful completion of NCUK’s IFY (Year 2) gives students guaranteed access to thousands of degree courses at universities in the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand.
    Taunton’s counsellors support students during the University application process.

    Who should consider Taunton School’s Foundation courses?

    For some students, starting a two-year A-level or IB course is just not the best, or wisest, choice. These two university pathways (also offered by Taunton) require students to be up to speed linguistically and academically from day one.

    If they are not, there is a chance they will fall behind and drop out – or, at best, achieve lower grades than they require to fulfil offers from the universities of their choice.
    As well as academic knowledge, Taunton’s foundation courses delivers a specialist English language element and a breadth of cultural knowledge which readies students for degree-level study.


    Taunton school is based on a 56-acre site with extensive facilities. The school is 1 hour and 45 minutes by direct train from London. Exeter airport is 30 minutes away, as are the University cities of Bristol and Exeter.


    £12,995 per term, £38,985 per year. This fee includes all accommodation, healthcare, meals and sports facilities costs.

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