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Request FREE information about this University & it's courses
  • International Fees From

    每年19250英镑起 UG

  • World Ranking

    Times排名133 in Times HE
    上海交通大学排名201-300 in Shanghai

  • Students

    8400名本科生 UG
    3,600 PG

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Stockton Road, Durham, County Durham DH1, United Kingdom

Durham is a city in the North East of England. It has a population of about 43,000. Durham has a rich history and has seen invading forces including the Vikings and the Scots from across the border. The city landscape is dominated by Durham Cathedral that has stood for almost 1,000 years. Both the Cathedral and castle are world heritage sites. The average low temperatures in the North East region during the coldest month, January, are between -0.5 and -1.5 degrees. July and August are the warmest months with average high temperatures of around 16 degrees. The nearest airport to Durham is Newcastle airport which is about 26 miles away. Newcastle services many European destinations with direct flights and also has direct flights to New York, the Caribbean and Egypt. More, direct intercontinental flights are available from Manchester airport which is 145 miles away.

  • History

    Durham University was founded as a university by an act of Parliament in 1832 and as early as 1834 Durham was offering medical education in Newcastle, at Kings College which later became part of Durham University. In 1838 it become the first university to offer civil and mining engineering degrees. It has always maintained a College system, similar to Oxford and Cambridge and has added new colleges throughout its long history.


    Most of the university buildings are clustered together centrally in Durham city centre. Durham city campus has 12 colleges including Ustinov which is a postgraduate only college. Like Oxford and Cambridge, Durham’s college system means that often both studying and socialising takes place within the college, rather than at the central university facilities. Each college provides or has access to library and/or IT facilities, TV Lounge/games room, bar/café, gym, sports court, music practice room, performance/rehearsal space, gardens/outdoor areas, events space, dining hall, laundry facilities. Some colleges also have a shop, chapel/multi-faith room, art studio and reading rooms.

    Durham also has a second campus in Stockton upon Tees which is about 24 miles from Durham. It has its own sports facilities at the Queens Campus in Stockton and also has 2 colleges-Stephenson and Jon Snow. Business and Management courses are taught at the Queens campus as well as medicine. Engineering, Arts and social sciences and other STEM subjects are taught on the Durham city campus.


    University of Durham is currently ranked 133rd in the Times Higher Education rankings. Durham is ranked between 201-300 in the Shanghai Tong Jaio rankings. Durham is a member of the Russell group of universities.
    University of Durham is ranked 35th in the National Student Survey Satisfaction rankings.


    Durham has about 2,500 international students that make up about 15% of the total student population and come from over 100 different countries.


    There are 12,000 students at Durham in total-approximately 3,600 are postgraduates and 8,400 are undergraduates.


    HESA govt statistics show that 91.4% of Durham’s graduates are in employment or in further education 6 months after graduation. However, a breakdown of post-graduation employment by course, showing the split into professional/managerial positions, rather than general employment figures, is available from Unistats an independent source of university data. For more information, please visit the REF Information page.


    The Graham sports centre is the main sports facility at Durham it is situated about miles from the main campus and offers facilities including multiple football and rugby pitches, tennis courts, squash courts, netball courts and a 4 lane athletics track. Queens campus also has its own sports facilities including an eight court sports hall. Queens also offers the chance to experience water sports such as kayaking and canoeing. Durham also has its own 220-seat theatre, right in the heart of the city, plus over 150 societies and clubs run by Durham’s student union.


    Durham has 15 colleges and all offer a range of catered, part catered and self catering options. Accommodation costs also cover utilities bills, such as cleaning costs. There are both short let and longer let options-short let just covers the academic year of 28 weeks, while the longer term lets are typically 39 weeks.

    The lowest price for a single room with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities is £120.35 per week.
    An example price for catered accommodation is £170.87 per week at St. Aidan’s.


    International students

    International undergraduate tuition fee examples – BA or BSc:
    Fees for most full time undergraduate courses start at £19,250 rising to £20,900 to study Medicine.

    Fees for most full time undergraduate courses start at £15,700 for Visual Arts rising to £18,500 for Economics and up to £21,500 to study Finance.

    Subject Areas

    REF (Research Excellence Framework) was an independent government review conducted into the quality of research at UK universities and published in December 2014. This information highlights subjects of specialism within each university. We have listed all subject areas where at least 60% of the research conducted in these specific fields has been graded 3 or 4 stars. (4 stars being the highest ranking REF award). For more information, please visit the REF Information page.

    • Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience
    • Social Work and Social Policy and Administration
    • 人类学和发展研究专业
    • 化学专业
    • 历史专业
    • 古典学专业
    • 哲学专业
    • 商业管理专业
    • 地球系统与环境科学专业
    • 地理,环境研究和考古专业
    • 政治和国际关系研究专业
    • 教育学专业
    • 数学科学专业
    • 法律专业
    • 物理学专业
    • 现代语言和语言学
    • 生物科学专业
    • 神学和宗教研究专业
    • 般工程专业
    • 英语与文学专业
    • 计算机科学与信息专业
    • 音乐,戏剧,舞蹈和表演艺术

    Online Courses

    Durham offers some online modules for courses, and a triple accredited Global online MBA that takes 3 years of part time study to complete. The university also offers a series of courses ‘mini MBAs’ that can all be taken online.

    Questions & Comments

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