• Key Things to Consider

    There are clearly many factors to consider when planning to study abroad.

    There are the obvious things to consider, focusing on the academic side of things;

    The right course, at the right school or university… providing the skills and prestige needed to secure an excellent career.

    However, UKEducationGuide.com aims to help you consider other aspects of school and college life that may prove to be just as important to well being and here are some of the factors we have considered when presenting information on the site.


    1. The right age to consider moving abroad to study?

    This is a uniquely personal decision, but moving abroad to study is a big step and this is why we outline different options on the site.

    Some young people may well be ready to move abroad at 14 and live with other UK and international students in well managed and supportive Boarding schools. There are advantages with this approach as it gives time for young people to learn about both the language and culture of the UK prior to starting a university course. Most reputable Boarding schools require young people under the age of 18 to have an education guardian based in the UK. AEGIS is an independent organisation inspecting and accrediting reputable Guardianship Organisations throughout the UK and we are pleased to feature members of this organisation on our site.

    However, for some young people a later move to the UK might work better and this is why we outline pathway programmes  that lead directly to College entry, as well as featuring top ranked UK universities on the site.


    2. The best location in UK to study?

    We feature Universities and Boarding Schools in many different locations.

    The right study location is a very important consideration. For many, a large city, like London with lots of things to do and many London Universities and Colleges is a great option. For others, a smaller town that is easier to get to know, with just 1 University is a better option.

    All our University  and Boarding school profiles  tell you how far each establishment is from an international airport.

    Our University profiles also tell you the size of each city and town where each University is based, plus the cost of University owned accommodation. Accommodation prices do vary according to College location with large city centre based Colleges sometimes having much more expensive accommodation.

    Take a look at our map to see where Boarding schools & Universities  are located in the UK


    3. A large College or Boarding school?

    Some of the universities featured have over 20,000 students, but a smaller university setting where often the university is less sprawling might be better, making it easier to access facilities and amenities at the university. Each university profile on the site highlights not only the total number of students at the university, but also the number of international students studying there.

    Likewise when choosing a school, we have highlighted schools that have a significant number of Boarders, so there are plenty of opportunities to make new friends with other young people who are also boarding and so will be on school premises in the evenings and at the weekends, but the schools do vary in size, so do consider this factor.


    4.The Cost

    Most Boarding schools include all meals and accommodation costs within the charges presented on the site.

    However, the costs presented within the university profiles on the site only show  tuition costs and you additionally need to consider accommodation and living costs on top of these as well as travel costs, especially if frequent travel home is planned.

    You might like to also visit our section on potential sources of funding UK



    5. English language proficiency

    What is needed and when? Our section on English language skills and exam structure will help explain this complex issue.

    How can we help?

    We are happy to offer parents and prospective students a free and objective advice service to advise on which school or university fits your your needs best. We have expert consultants who have worked in the education market for many years and bring a wealth of experience and knowledge. For more information click here

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